If You’re Stuck In Life – Find Yourself Again In 1 Month

or at least get closer to it…


Awake the inner power, inner love, inner purpose in 1 month.

How to get to know yourself better.

What are you even here on this earth for? Are you completely happy about your life?

Take some time and get the hell out of wherever you are to reflect on your life. Otherwise you could spend the next 5 years only to regret it, because you didn’t take a step back and looked at life to find out what it’s REALLY all about.


What I’ve learned over the past month:


to put my own happiness first, always. If I’m not happy, I can’t share happiness.

– People are acting in self interest.
Even though it seems like they want to give you something as a friend, they’re still acting out of self interest.

– there are PLENTY of ways to achieve success! First of, there is no such thing as “it’s now or never”. It’s just a sales trick. There are always more people, new inventions, new trends and so on. If it would ever be such idea as “this is your only shot” – would that mean none of our children would achieve success? Naah don’t think so.

– it’s the journey, not the destination, so when you are about to decide on your goals in life, FOCUS ON THE JOURNEY you want to take on, not the destination.

– happiness often comes from other “things” than we think. In our 20s we are blinded by ego and naïveté and first when we turn 30 we realize it.

– one thing people tend to realize when they in their 30s (I’m 24); that there are still MANY years to come. So they start thinking not 1 month or 1 year ahead, but rather in 20-30 years ahead. So why not do the same in our 20s?


As Tyler says:





Write down what you’ve wanted to do/experience/achieve/learn for a long time, but hasn’t done it (yet).

Not something that others would like you to do, or something that you think others would like.

It absolutely has to be something that you want only for YOURSELF. Be selfish. It’s a god thing to be selfish.

From today, you write those goals down EVERY DAY.

Guess what… Now is the time to go for it.

Personally I want to write this blog, publish an e-book, meet girls and read books.





Find a flat in another city that you would prefer spending 1 month in. Start searching at least 1 month before this “life changing” month. Preferably you want to find a cheap flat that’s being rented out for only 1-4 months.

I just found an apartment in a peaceful area, yet still 10 min from the center of Copenhagen. The owner is traveling in the US for 3 months, so I was lucky to live here for only $820/month





Block any access to your Facebook account for 1 month, using this smart method: http://m.wikihow.com/Block-Access-to-Your-Facebook-Account-Temporarily

Just did this. Actually I had 2 accounts but I blocked the main profile. The other one now active is only for the 2-3 friends who I’ve decided to keep contact with, and for girls;)





Sell your phone (if its a modern one) and ask your friends if they have an old phone that you can have for free.
Cancel your phone company and get a new sim card from another company with another number, so you have a very limited calling time and can only send a few texts.

Sold my iPhone for $500 and went to Berlin for a week to reflect on life. A friend of mine had an old phone that I could have – it receives calls perfectly!





Say no to any offer you receive, it doesn’t matter from who they’re from – whenever alone, feel inside your heart what feels right for YOU.
Remember – everyone is selfish and will only give you opportunities for their self interest.

I have a few friends who really want me in on their MLM business. They are my friends, but have cutted contact with them, cause their journey is not in alignment with mine (for now). Remember: keep contact with people only with those who truly contributes to YOUR journey! Forget everyone else.





If its possible and not too risky, then cheat the system for some money.
Look. The universe doesn’t care about ethics, it just provide people with whatever they take. No one on earth will lose anything, just because you gain something.
The system already cheated us for our time and dreams, therefore I think it’s totally OK to take just a little bit BACK.

I got $2.000 – NICE! $200 of them are for this website and the coming e-book “What I wish I knew in my 20s – the rest are for savings.





If you drink or smoke – then you don’t touch it for the whole month. This will be way easier when you are in new circumstances, feel no pressure from peers or society and truly follow your passion.


I don’t even feel any need to smoke now. Well, I went out partying yesterday, drank and smoked, and now I feel bad about it today because it makes me lazy and lose focus. Done with it.





Get a part time job near your new flat to keep the ball rolling. Begin searching at least 1 month before this “life changing month”. Make sure you hand out at least 50 applications, although 100 is preferred. Yeah sell your time to less money than you’re worth, but needs to be done.

I handed out about 60 and got a job in 7/11, 5 mins from the flat. Nightshirt Monday-Friday every 2nd week. PERFECT! (This is only until I can live off of the online income. And then it’s TRAVEL-THE-WORLD time!


I wish you the best!

Thank you for reading.

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